This Week at White Chocolate Grill…

* Are you a whiskey aficionado? Have you dappled a little? Or do you not know much at all about whiskey- literally translated in Gaelic to mean, “water of life”
Whether you know a lot or very little about America’s spirit, WCG is eager to introduce you. We have just released a new whiskey list with some of America’s most sought after Bourbons and great Irish, Scotch and Canadian selections too.
And what better way to start of our whiskey journey than with a deal to try some of the best at a fraction of the price. For an extremely limited time, we are offering a flight of three whiskeys for only $6 (Offered exclusively at Scottsdale, AZ and Lone Tree, CO locations). Try our American Style or International Flights in Scottsdale and even a Rocky Mountain Selection in Park Meadows. Purchase yours while the offer lasts (makes a great gift too!)

* Cool down with some of our refreshing summertime features. Follow us on Facebook to receive daily posts with features at each of our WCG locations. We’ll be offering favorites like our Chilled Gazpacho, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Chilled Green Beans w/ Parmesan & Roasted Pistachios, Ahi Tuna Burgers, Hawaiian Ono w/ Guava Beurre Blanc & Toasted Macadamia Nuts and more!

* This week’s recipe- Roasted Chicken w/ Spicy Honey Mustard-Whiskey Sauce
Try it out and tell us about it on our Facebook Page.

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