White Chocolate Grill Phoenix- Arizona

7000 E Mayo Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85054

Phone: 480-563-3377

Fax: 480-563-7733

At the corner of Scottsdale Rd & Mayo Blvd, just south of the 101


The White Chocolate Grill Naperville- Illinois

1803 Freedom Drive

Naperville, IL 60563

Phone: 630-505-8300

Fax: 630-505-8333

Located I-88 exit and Naperville Rd


The White Chocolate Grill Lone Tree- Colorado

8421 Park Meadows Center Drive

Lone Tree, CO 80124

Phone: 303-799-4841

Fax: 303-799-4842

Located at Park Meadows Mall




8 responses to “Restaurants

  1. Park Meadows location is great . Make it there almost weekly.
    Any chance you’re going to publsih the recipe for your Israeli Couscous?

    • Mr. Sholtis-

      Thank you so much for your continued patronage. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated.
      Unfortunately we do not post any of the exact restaurant recipes. But we do try to post some recipes that are great alternatives to some of the more highly requested menu items. If you go to our recipe page and scroll about three quarters of the way down, you will see a recipe for Lemon Apricot Couscous with Toasted Almonds. Give it a try and hopefully you will like it as well.

      Thank you again.
      Carrie Valdez
      Relationship Manager
      White Chocolate Grill

  2. We visited your Park Meadows restaurant with friends last night. The bar menu said happy hour specials were available from 2-7 p.m. We asked the waitress what specials were available. She asked the time. We said 6:35 p.m. She said happy hour included $2 off of specialty drinks and discount prices on two different wines. We ordered three glasses of wine and a margarita. The waitress returned a couple of minutes later informed us that the manager said happy hour ended at 6. When we pointed out the menu, she said new menus with the new hours had not been printed. This is deceptive advertising. The manager should have given us the happy hour prices. This type of false advertising is regulated in retail stores in Colorado and can result in a fine. The regulations may also apply to restaurants. You should abide by the prices printed on your menus.

    • Ms. Groer-

      Please accept my apologies for the miscommunication at the restaurant. The server should have informed you of the happy hour time change at the time you were ordering. I have spoken to the managers at the restaurant to ensure we are communicating correctly with the guests. We are in no way intentionally misleading our guests to believe our hours are different in reality than they are on the menu. We have just recently made the time change and our new menus are in print to reflect this change. I am so sorry again that this was not properly communicated to you. Thank you for your feedback. I hope that we are able to earn back your trust and that you will choose to dine with us again in the future.

      Thank you.
      Carrie Valdez
      Relationship Manager

  3. I believe this falls under the heading of “truth in menus” as outlined in the following document. Perhaps you should cover the happy hour notation on your menu with white out or tape until new menus can be printed. Or honor the hours that are stated there.

    Managing Hospitality Risk
    WHaT’S aT RISk?
    As a hospitality manager, you have a right to advertise
    your food and beverage products in a way that casts
    them in their best light. To misrepresent your products
    is a violation of what has come to be known as Truth in
    Menu laws. These laws are designed to protect consumers
    from fraudulent food and beverage claims. Inaccurate
    or incomplete menus can lead to injuries and illness
    affecting guests who have allergies to certain ingredients.
    It can also be cause for legal action by patrons who feel
    you have misrepresented your products or by governing
    agencies for failure to comply with their requirements.
    WHaT aRE yoUR lEgal oblIgaTIoNS?
    The various Truth in Menu laws are overseen by dozens
    of agencies and administrative entities, taking the
    labeling of food to much greater degrees of accuracy.
    These laws are constantly being revised. It is possible,
    however, for a foodservice operator to stay up to date and
    in compliance with Truth in Menu laws. The method is
    relatively straightforward, and the key is honesty in menu
    claims, both in regard to the price that is charged and
    the food that is served.
    Menus should accurately reflect the price to be
    charged to the customer. If one dozen oysters are to
    be sold for a given price, one dozen oysters should be
    delivered on the plate and the price charged on the
    bill should match that on the menu. Likewise, if the
    menu price is to include a mandatory service charge
    or cover charge, these must be brought to the atten-
    tion of the guest.
    Accuracy in menus involve a great deal more than
    honestly and precisely stating a price. It also entails
    being careful when describing many food attributes,
    including the preparation style, ingredients, origin, por-
    tion sizes, and health benefits. Because this area is so
    complex and because consumers increasingly demand
    more accurate information from restaurants, the National
    Restaurant Association (NRA) and many state associations
    have produced educational material designed to assist
    foodservice operators as they write and prepare menus.
    “A Practical Guide to the Nutrition Labeling Laws” is a
    publication written specifically for the restaurant industry
    and outlines everything you need to know about nutrition
    claims you can make for your menu items. You can secure
    a copy for a modest charge from the NRA. In addition,
    the Federal government issues food description standards
    that can be of great assistance.
    HoW caN yoU bETTER pRoTEcT yoUR
    For some suggestions designed to assist you in developing
    sound policies and procedures for your organization, please
    turn this document over and review the attached checklist.
    For more information about this and other
    hospitality risk management topics, please contact:
    National Specialty
    Underwriters, Inc.
    10900 NE 4th St.
    Suite 1100
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    (425) 450-1090 HOSPITALITY

    • I am sorry again that we miscommunicated the information to you when you dined with us. The revised menus have been in place since Friday and I hope you will dine with us again in the future.

      Thank you.
      Carrie Valdez
      Relationship Manager, WCG

  4. I love the WCG. I have been to the Phoenix and Naperville locations. I live in downtown Chicago and any time my friends want me to visit the burbs I always suggest WCG as the place to meet. I originally came because I love white chocolate in any dessert but now I have to say I return because of the great menu items. This week I had the Quinoa Veggie Burger. It was out of this world. I am not a vegetarian but wanted to try it. Most veggie burgers are hard and tasteless. This was totally the opposite – moist and lots of flavor. Hats of to the chef. I wish you had a location downtown Chicago. Any time you want to try a new recipe I am available as a taste tester!!!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback and praises. I have shared them with our Director of Culinary Operations who developed the Veggie Burger recipe.
      Hope we have the opportunity to serve you again soon.

      Thank you.
      Carrie Valdez
      Relationship Manager, White Chocolate Grill

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